Saturday, February 9, 2013

I could be Nancy!!!!!!!!

It’s been a while I know and I miss telling my stories. After a long day of miscellaneous school activities, I decided to go home and rest for a good weekend. It was a Friday night; I remembered how interesting my Friday nights could be at home on days when I wasn’t in hermit mode. I saw people hand in hand with friends or significant others doing fun things or going to fun places. It is a few days to valentine so it makes sense to secure positions with whomever, lol. I guess my thoughts found their way to my face and I must have had a 12-inch long pout and some ripples (frown) on my forehead. Some guy in his mind thought he was being compassionate and started saying “hey why are you so sad? Common smile aint that bad” I was able to pick this out of an epistle he spat out. He was supposed to be speaking American but that accent was way off my level of comprehension. I speak with people of many colors and backgrounds at school daily, but I aint ever heard nothing like da, lol. At this point my pout must have elongated a bit and he won’t stop saying things I couldn’t hear. Eventually, I got bullied into giving a stiff smile. That type that comes out when you have just tasted lime or unripe African star apple  (oh Agbalumo!). Thank God! The bus was now in sight. He asked for my name and the finest I could utter was Nancy. I had just met a nice Asian American lady the day before and it felt good to borrow the name briefly.  That choice was my undoing. He got into bus but I wasn’t playing nice anymore. I put all my baggage on the next seat to me and turned away. He found a male ally at the back and five minutes later boom! He started cursing, remember that I can’t make sense of 70% of what he says but I heard enough keywords and was grateful that I didn’t hear it all. “she looked sad…………….f….,f….,f…, aint no black girl name….Nancy, f…, that some white chic’s name….f. She telling me Nancy…..,f…. He went on and on till I got off 20minutes later. I was scared to bits why would some1 be so angry about another person’s name. I really could be Nancy! So I have now put other replacements in my subconscious: Nikki, Kiki, Piki, Miki, Tiki, Shiki, or even better; Ajalatanaa, Erinlakatabu, Tioluwanileatiekunre, Aseniserare, Ifeoluwakiishi, Eghwrudjakpor, Ejikemeifeuwa, Zubaydah.

I will try not to take so long again.

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