Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone who comes by Immigrant Living! I am so glad that you still remember us. If I still made resolutions, one of my resolutions would be to post on here more often. But since instead I highlight intentions, I would like to highlight that I intend to post on here more often - say two - three times a week?

Jewy abandoned me for the past three weeks and has been gallivanting all over the east coast (gallivanting - ah, that word reminds me of my dad). I have been suffering and making do all by myself in Pittsburgh. Well, not entirely. Christmas at the Ruwase's was delightful, and then I went to Urbana and had an awesome meeting with God. I am still reeling and trying to follow up on all the decisions I made while I was there, some harder than others, but I am super excited about 2013 and some unique challenges I will be taking on!

So what has been shocking as an immigrant lately? For me it's realizing that I have lopsided winter priorities. I have at least six or seven winter coats (bubble jackets, leather jackets, pea coats, and at least one cape) and not a single ice scraper for my car. I also don't appear to have a shovel for the snow on our front walk anymore (I would have sworn I had one last year) or any more salt for the steps. These are all situations I intend to remedy in the next few days. But yeah, when it gets cold, I think about keeping myself warm and passably cute first before anything else.

Anyway, Jewy comes back tomorrow and she better be laden with yummy nigerian food goodies or I'm not letting her in the house. Here's to an amazing 2013 and an awesome roomie to share it with!



  1. Oh man ice scraper? This all sounds so grown up. Around Suerbowl time I think of storms because I remember being holed in at some SB gathering or the other many a superbowl night, watching tv with a storm howling outside.

    Happy new year, move here we don't even know what ice scrapers are ;-)

  2. Hi mlg and happy new year to you.Where is here?