Friday, October 5, 2012


I have been living here for nine years, and I had never heard of Gira. Then Jewy appeared (lol) and brought with her this amazing new innovation.

Gira is basically Bisquick powder made like Ola-Ola poundi.

Yes, you read that right.

/* Bisquick is a baking mix. Most people associate it with pancakes and waffles. It can also be used for pies, tarts, dumplings, cookies, you name it. Nigerians now use it as okele. :) */

It has completely revolutionized okele in this house. We're out of pounded yam? No problem, we have Gira. Not in the mood for Eba? No problem, Gira it is.

It tastes a bit sweeter than Semovita, and so far there are no side effects that I can tell. (Plus, I googled side effects of putting Bisquick to unconventional uses and as long as it's cooked we're good).

We actually even got our city's resident catering-practical, Analista, who refuses eat okele, to try it last night. She finished it before we heard a single word on its texture and consistency... and that's saying a lot.

So if you've not tried Gira, head out to your neighborhood Giant, Giant Eagle, HEB or Costco, and get yourself some Bisquick. It goes great with efo riro, efo elegusi, ogbono, and we're about to try it with ila!

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist and you're OYO with any side effects you may experience, such as knocked-out-ness and weight gain. One serving of Gira might take up to half of your day's allotted calorie limit. 


  1. 9jans are very innovative. Trust us not to 'carry last', except of course in the Olympics.

    Ehm, sista owumi, some of us never comot our village talk less of getting to yankie. Whats bisquik powder? Let me ask google.

  2. Good point Annie, I'll update the post with a description!

  3. Miss Jewy is an Oyo lady. She knows about gira tingz

  4. Roflol! Down South I discovered a type of normal Banana that when fried better pass normal Dodo. Never again will Southie control makeme sob when they collect my ogede. Please add a pics of Bisquik let's see if ut works here! Innovative use of existing resources!

  5. resident catering-practical :-) lwkmd